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Coppell Youth Football is a member of the North Texas Football League.

The objective of the North Texas Football League (NTFL) is to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, and team cooperation through participation and instruction in the game of football.

The objectives of the NTFL shall be reached by providing supervised competition. The primary goal is to properly mold future citizens with encouragement toward good sportsmanship.

These objectives will be applied to everyone equally with no emphasis on ability...

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NTFL Position on Practices and Unsanctioned Scrimmage/Games

As the coach of a team which is a member association of the NTFL League you are bound to certain regulations in relation to scrimmaging and practicing. A number of non-NTFL teams have been approaching various NTFL teams to solicit a practice, scrimmage, or game. Based on our insurance provider coverage any games, practices, or scrimmages that are not sanction and/or approved by NTFL will not be covered under the NTFL insurance and as such players, parents, and coaches will be at risk.

Per the NTFL bylaws a team may not practice more than 3 times a week once the season games begin, prior to games you may practice 4 times per week. A film session is a practice. Practice must take place Monday - Saturday but no Saturday practice may be held if you also have a scheduled NTFL game on that Saturday.

An NTFL team may scrimmage any team within it Local Association as a part of its regular practice. An NTFL team may scrimmage another NTFL team from another Local Association within NTFL, which includes Mustang-Panther Youth Football (MPYF), Dragon Youth Football (DYF), Trophy Club Roanoke (TCR), Northwest Texans (NW), Faith and Coppell Youth Football Association (CYFA). If an NTFL team plans to scrimmage another NTFL team, not from its Local Association, the head coach must make request through its Local Association President to get approval by the NTFL Board. For example if a DYF team wants to scrimmage another DYF team it is already cleared by NTFL, but if a DYF team wants to scrimmage a team from MPYF then the DYF President must get that approved by the NTFL Board prior to the scrimmage.

NTFL teams may NOT scrimmage any team from outside the NTFL. An NTFL team may not invite a non-NFTL team to its field for practice/scrimmage and an NTFL team may not go to a non-NTFL teams field to practice/scrimmage. An NTFL team may NOT practice on Sunday. Once the season games begin an NTFL team may not hold a practice on Saturday if that NTFL team also has a game that Saturday. If an NTFL team does any of the previously listed prohibited events and a player gets hurt the head coach may be personally liable for that player. The NTFL will not sign off on the injury report and the parents are within their rights to personally hold the head coach financially responsible for the medical expenses they incur. NTFL is not responsible for any bad judgement and deviation from the NTFL rules and bylaws.

If an NTFL coach is found to practice or scrimmage in any of the above listed prohibited events it will be the local association discretion regarding discipline of its coach. Again, if an injury occurs the head coach may be liable for that child and could be held financially responsible for his/her care.

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