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Fall Football

Fall Flag and Tackle Football

The Coppell Youth Football Association is a youth football program focusing on life lessons while building up the necessary skills in playing football preparing to play Coppell Cowboy football at the middle and high school level, and utilizing trained volunteer coaches.

Youth football can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength, and coordination. Whether you are looking to play in middle or high school in the future or to have fun and be active,  our organization is a  great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

NTFL's objective is to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, and team cooperation through the participation and instruction of the game of football. Our primary goal is to mold future citizens with encouragement toward good sportsmanship. Our member organizations apply these objectives and goals with no emphasis on ability. 

Regular season games are followed by playoffs for all teams and then a NTFL Super Bowl.


3rd Grade Rookie Tackle

Rookie tackle is designed to focus on the proper development of young players, increase enjoyment and ensure the sport's long-term viability. 3rd Grade rookie tackle football is a bridge between Flag Football and Full 11v11 Tackle Football. CYFA plays 8on8 with grade-specific rules as outlined in the North Texas Football League's Bylaws.

CYFA understands parents may have hesitation about your 3rd Grader starting to play tackle football. Rookie tackle is a great introduction and we are here for you as you are making the right decision for your player. Please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to start the conversation!  

Registration Details and Team Formation

Registration Details and Team Formation

Fall Flag and Tackle registration is open from April 1st through June 30th. No late registrations will be accepted.

Players are registered for their rising grades in the Fall. (i.e., what grade are they entering in the Fall) Roster limitations are in place (per NTFL League Bylaws), and spots on a team are allocated to individuals based on when you register. The timing of your registration does not dictate which team you are on. If there are multiple teams at your grade level, your registration gets you a spot on a team.

  • Flag teams are capped at 12 players.
  • Rookie Tackle teams are capped at 16 players.
  • Tackle teams are capped at 22 players.
  • A minimum of 16 players are required to make a team for tackle teams.
  • The NTFL Board must approve exceptions to the player cap or player minimum.

Players will be put on the waiting list for their respective grades if the cap for a team has been reached and the minimum has not been achieved to make another team. This is determined by when you register. 

  • For example, if you are the 26th to register for 6th grade, you will be on the waiting list until the total number of registrants gets to 32 and two teams can be created.
  • Roster formation is done through a drafting process that NTFL League Bylaws dictate.

Skill sessions will be held to allow coaches to evaluate players and prepare for the draft process; each player must attend one of the scheduled sessions to be drafted (players that do not attend a session will be allocated to teams and not drafted). A draft is only necessary if multiple teams are former per grade level. 

  • Minimum player playing time rules are in effect and defined by the NTFL Bylaws.

Games and Practice

Games and Practice

We play approximately 4 home games and 4 away games. CYFA homes games are played at Lesley Field at the Coppell High School 9th Grade Campus. CYFA is part of the North Texas Football League (NTFL) which is composed of leagues from Southlake, Northwest, Grapevine, Colleyville, Trophy Club, Roanoke, and Justin. Game locations will vary depending on which league is fielding teams in each respective grade. Most teams play at their respective high school or middle school fields. 

Practices are held locally in Coppell. The specific practice locations are determined at the start of the season. Coaches will be restricted to no more than 3 practices (2 for flag) per week once school starts. No practices are allowed on Sundays. The maximum practice length is 2 hrs. No weekday practice may start prior to 5 pm. 



Flag Football

Custom gameday Coppell Cowboy jerseys are included. Flag belts are provided by the coaches at each practice and game.

Players are responsible for purchasing the following equipment:

  • mouthpiece
  • black shorts
  • footwear, no metal spikes
  • football gloves, if desired

Tackle Football

Custom gameday Coppell Cowboy jerseys and helmet logo sticker are included. 

Players are responsible for purchasing the following equipment:

  • helmet, white helmet with black facemask
  • mouthpiece
  • shoulder pads
  • practice jersey (the color is determined by your coach)
  • black football pants
  • footwear, no metal spikes
  • football gloves, if desired

As a new player, football is an investment. For full transparency, getting your player ready to walk on the field will cost about $250+ for their equipment. You can also spend significantly more depending on the most expensive equipment options. Most helmets and shoulder pads can be worn over multiple seasons depending on your child's growth.

Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions are in place for flag and tackle football. All players are required to attend a mandatory weigh-in before the start of the season. Each player weighs in while wearing their helmet and their weight is recorded as the official record by the NTFL. Players over the weight restriction receive a red sticker on the back of their helmets.

Any weight-restricted offensive/defensive player at the time of the snap of the ball must be stationary and within one yard of the line of scrimmage. The only positions allowed for a weight-restricted player on offense are tight end, tackle, guard, or center, if they are lined up at tight end they are not eligible to go out for a pass or advance the ball. A weight-restricted guard, tackle, or tight end cannot be more than one (1) yard apart from each other on the line of scrimmage.

Weight-restricted players may not handle the ball. No play can be designed for a stickered player to touch the ball. 

Weight-restricted players may catch or advance the ball only on:

  • Blocked Punts
  • Fumbles
  • Interceptions
  • Stripping of the ball carrier
  • Kickoff and kickoff return if kicked directly to the player, the weight restricted player must be lined up on the front line. 




Kindergarten/1st Grade


2nd Grade

Player shall not to exceed 85 lbs.

3rd Grade

Player shall not to exceed 95 lbs.

4th Grade

Player shall not to exceed 105 lbs.

5th Grade

Player shall not to exceed 115 lbs.

6th Grade

Player shall not to exceed 125 lbs.

Player Verification App and Age Limitation

CYFA has partnered with Zorts for age and player verification. Each player provides their birth certificate, report card, and utility bill to verify their date of birth and resident information. Once registration closes, parents will receive further details about the Zorts app.

Flag Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Players aged 5 and 6 or before June 1st may participate in this division but cannot have reached the age of 8 by September 1.

Flag 2nd Grade: Players cannot have reached the age of 9 by September 1.

Rookie Tackle 3rd Grade: Players cannot have reached the age of 10 by September 1.

Tackle 4th Grade: Players cannot have reached the age of 11 by September 1. 

Tackle 5th Grade: Players cannot have reached the age of 12 by September 1.

Tackle 6th Grade: Players cannot have reached the age of 13 by September 1.

Please find the CYFA Boundries on the Player Information Tab. 

2024 Fall Season

Season specific information about Fall 2024 coming soon. 
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